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259 Quincy St, Dorchester MA

Development of an $11.5 MIllion, 24,000 SF state-of-the-art job training and placement center and youth arts program in partner with NECAT


Pearl Meats:
196 Quincy St, Dorchester MA

Redevelopment of a 2-acre vacant blighted former meat-packing site with a proposed focus on small-scale light industrial business to bring much-needed jobs and services to the neighborhood.

"Environment shapes behavior.... You can't inspire a person to live a better life if they dont know what a good life feels like."

-Bill Strickland, President & CEO;- Nat'l Center for Arts & Technology;
MacArthur Foundation genius fellow

Dorchester Bay EDC is partnering with the New England Center for Arts & Technology to develop an @ 24k SF state-of-the art job training and youth arts facility at 259 Quincy Street. NECAT is an affiliate of the National Center for Arts and Technology [“NCAT”], which is leading an effort to replicate the successful programs of the Pittsburgh-based Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and Bidwell Training Center nationwide.

The key to the success of NCAT’s jobs program is partnering with employers at the outset to maximize opportunities for graduates in both initial placement and long-term advancement. As an example, Pittsburgh’s culinary arts program has a 92% placement rate. Through a partnership with Sodexo, NECAT’s anchor jobs program will be a 10-month culinary arts training that will graduate and place @ 50 adults annually. The NECAT team is also in discussions with several community hospitals to assess inte-grating a medical technician training program. Jobs in both fields provide tremen-dous opportunities for meaningful careers with real opportunities for advancement and relativity few barriers to access, including important opportunities for people exiting the criminal justice system.

The NECAT facility will also focus on youth arts programming. In collabora-tion with the Boston Public Schools, and in conjunction with the Mayor’s Cir-cle of Promise, the facility will provide digital media, ceramics, and other out-of-school programming for well over 100 young people every week. This $11.5 million project has received early support from the Boston Foundation for a feasibility analysis, which was completed in December 2010. The development team is now focused on assembling funding. Our goal is to be open in 2012.

The mission of NECAT is to:

- Establish a landmark educational center in an in-ner-city community to bridge the gaps created by limited diversity, low income, high unemploy-ment, crime, and despair;

- Engage Boston-area employers as partners in de-velopment of industry-specific job-training pro-grams that are affordable and accessible to adults who are underemployed, unemployed, or transitioning from public assistance; and

- Partner with Boston Public Schools, aligning with the District’s “multiple pathway” goals by providing extended-day & year-round experiential visual arts programs.